In the last ten years Chiara takes a journey of reflection and research, which demonstrates a deep knowledge of several representative techniques.

Her conception of art is based on the uniqueness and unrepeatability of the creative gesture. Filling the empty space through the action of the artist, the work assumes a deep meaning of truth and form through research, distant memories and at the same time a deep intimacy with herself.

What strongly characterizes the activity of this young artist is her attention to the hyper-civilization of our age. Through the choice of pictorial subjects, which evoke the nostalgia of return to simple values, Chiara describes her vision of mankind and reality, composed of artificial elements but sometimes sprinkled with magic… maybe the dream of a distant memory of how we were.

Chiara does not lose the importance of excellent artistic techniques in her work. The contrast between the present and the past can be found both in the themes and technique. Chiara is able to skillfully combine ancient techniques, such as graphite and china, to more modern forms, materials and colors, while never forgetting the deep origins of painting. 


When we are kids, we all sat too close to the TV, droving our moms mad. We didn’t go blind as she over-exaggeratingly suggested, but we did discover a magic world composed of millions of tiny colorful dots on the screen. Only after few years we discovered that those dots are called pixels, and they work together as micro spots of color to create the broad image that we perceive as our pictures, movies or TV show. But it doesn’t end here. Anything with a display screen, as smartphone and laptop, most likely uses pixels to build an image. Pick up a newspaper and look very closely: pixels. We might not notice it but we are surrounded by pixels.

Chiara Del Vecchio uses a similar techinique to create her breath-taking paintings characherised by evident brush strokes, thick splashes of colors and large spatula touches.



Following the wake of a Baudelaire conception of the world, this series represents the absoluteness of those virtues the man can only partially reach for.

Evident brish strokes depicting exotic animals remind us the distance between man, who even in his maximum propension towards the infinity is obstructed by “ailes de géant” (giant’s wings, Baudelaire - L'albatros), and the world of ideal, as near as it is unreachable. That is how the purity of the line and the elegance of the contrast between white and anthracite grey, a lioness carries to extreme the sovereignty, a giraffe look at us almost indignant for our lack of class, a zebra identify herself with equality.

This idealizing-figurative art leaves the man lost in the imperfection, keep on reminding his condition.

Per uomini che non vogliono crescere

Section of drawings expressly created for Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Mille Miglia.

For the first time the artist doesn't use her fevourite tools (brushes and spatula) and explores a totally new world: the indian ink.

A well-thought black and white: it symbolizes the eternal art embodied by a few automotive models, which have sparked our imagination. Given its fixed perfection, the Indian ink and acrylic paint aim to be the celebration of her skillfulness, by creating these everlasting objects. That’s not a whim or a childish desire, that’s rather life: here are the headlamps that light up the way, they pierce the darkness through which the car has driven mankind. Shapes are sometimes soft and sometimes sharp, but either way they nurture, seduce and stir up our fancy. In balance between different ages, in a temporal continuum that indissolubly ties a man that doesn’t want to grow but grows in creating movement, in conquering spaces and in drawing different worlds.

Per uomini che non vogliono crescere
Handmade... with Love.